I soon found out that being pulled out of my comfort zone was the greatest thing that could happen.

It's a place to regroup, reconnect, and rediscover myself and my relationship with God

Retreat was me finding people who accepted me for me. No pretense, just love and acceptance.

The teaching was great, and God is in the center of all of it.

He brings each one of us there for a reason, and you leave feeling spiritually refreshed.

I met amazing Christian people who I hope to have as lifelong friends. These are people who you instantly feel a connection with and just accept you for who you are. 

A glimpse of what heaven would be like, I thought.

The LORD was very well represented there. 

one must be willing to be open to the things God has for you

How will retreat impact you?

"These people are my family, my tribe. We "get" each other, love each other, accept each other, and spur each other on to what God is doing in our lives. They are the embodiment of true community. I am SO blessed!"
--SB, Pataskala, OH

"By the end of the weekend I regained some hope and healing as well as meeting great people. Since then, I have been privileged to visit some of them and take road trips. I believe the retreat helps with Hope and so much more." 

                  --DM, Mesquite, TX

"A family of people who “get it”. Community. A place where we can take off the masks, and learn to be comfortable just being ourselves. That carries over into life after camp. I’m learning to be more honest, genuine and authentic." 

    --MJ, Perham, MN