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About Us

If we look behind the veneer, each of us yearns for authenticity, community, and connection. We want to know we belong, have a safe place to let down our guards, and freedom to ask the tough questions that haunt us. We hope for an answer yet sometimes doubt we will find it.


Walking Stick Retreats is one such place where a safe community forms. Led by a team of lifelong friends with a common thread of helping others in their spiritual growth, we gather from all corners of the United States for a weekend of worship, teaching, fellowship, social activities, relaxation, laughs, discovery, and friendship. 


Currently offered in the spring and fall, retreats take place at a retreat or conference center, allowing for comfort in accommodations while getting away in nature. Retreats begin Friday morning and end before Noon on Sunday. Cost of registration includes meals and lodging.


All of us need help along our journey – a walking stick – something to support us along the rough terrain of life. We invite you to join us for our next Walking Stick Retreat and find the help for your journey. We look forward to getting to know you!

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