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Walking Stick Retreats

a little more about us...

Why go to a retreat?


Walking Stick Retreats are a community in action.  Our leadership team brings together our friendship, our brokenness, our faith, our worship, our searching & seeking, our fear, our joy, our gifts, and our love.  Teaching, listening, singing, being still, supporting, challenging, laughing, resting, discovering, rich fellowship, growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ, and living in good, steady community -- this is what you can experience at Walking Stick Retreats.


David Mullins has brought together a motley crew of folk who, through decades of walking together, have gained tremendous insight & understanding of this world which is not our home.


At each retreat, David, Sam, Kathy, Steve, Jonathan, Beth, Greg & Damon, along with some other amazing friends, get to live out life in the midst of the Walking Stick Retreat community.  David's teaching is deep, genuine, profound, simple, and true.  Sam & Kathy guide and direct from their hearts with the incredible training they have experienced throughout life.  Steve Jonathan, & Beth bring us all into a place of worship -- sharing through music breathes healing and joy and surrender and hope.  Damon and Greg are the detail guys, before, during and after the retreat, tasked with making things happen and keeping the others on track.

There is a depth of growing relationships, nurturing simplicity, and unraveling complicated realities, not often realized in just a few days together.

Through social media the Walking Stick Retreat community begins to take shape.  Coming together at the retreat solidifies the coming together of unique souls who desire to know and be known; to love and be loved; ultimately being brought closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Take a chance and join us in this magnificent journey -- Walking Stick Retreats.

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