Our Staff

David Mullins

David has a heart for service to the Kingdom. In 2015 when conversation with friends led to the idea of creating a retreat ministry, he was all in and Walking Stick Retreats was born. A gifted teacher, he is the central speaker at our retreats, sharing his hope and offering encouragement to walk in the powerful and authentic faith of a child.

Married nearly 34 years, David and his lovely wife Robin first served at a church in the hills of West Virginia. The years since have taken them through various ministry positions in five different states. A few years ago, God brought them back to the mountains and he now serves as Lead Preaching Minister at Colonial Heights Christian Church in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Though they have two adult married children whom they love, it's their granddaughter they adore. Spending time with family and friends is David's favorite past time, and it's even better if done in his Jeep on a drive through the mountains, on a golf course, listening to music or in laughter and conversation around a bonfire.


God's longing for all to know Him is David's heartbeat. Whether ministering at the local church or teaming with old friends in Walking Stick Retreats, his journey calls him to pour out his passion for the broken and wounded among us.

Sam Howard

Sam started with the original staff when Walking Stick Retreats began in the fall of 2015. He leads a workshop at the retreats, sharing his wisdom and offering his insight.


Sam retired after 25 years as a Pharmaceutical Rep. He was ordained as minister after Bible College and served as an elder and teacher throughout his corporate career. When he retired, he started The Gathering in Carmel as a volunteer pastor while working as a consultant and entrepreneur. He continues to pastor and is the Co-Founder of 3Oe Scientific, LLC.


He has been married to his amazing wife, Kim, for nearly 31 years. He has two daughters and a son, and two grandchildren, as well as a few other unofficial family members that have lived in his home from time to time.


Sam loves all the parts of his life: his work, family, friends and hanging out with the Walking Stick community a few times a year. He loves his caffeine and has been known to refuse to attend any meeting that does not serve coffee. He is always up for a great conversation or an invigorating debate.


Sam leads big, loves big and finds a way to blend all the various endeavors he undertakes into one gigantic “call”.

Kathy Sprinkle

Kathy (also known as Sprinkle) in a way, was the instigator of this retreat idea. Having fallen in love with retreats in our college/Zion years, the cheerleader in her came out when the conversation surfaced in 2015.  She was the emotional force behind Walking Stick Retreats becoming. A born trainer, she brings her life experience and tools to her workshops with wisdom, discernment and passion. A natural communicator, her energy for endless deep and life changing conversations can seem limitless.


After a lifetime of serving many communities in the roles of advocate for troubled youth, foster parent trainer, and therapist, she currently works as a trauma therapist in the greater Cincinnati area.  She is also serves as a mentor and speaks at regional and national conferences.


Kathy lives in the Cincinnati area with her four legged son, Theo - the Newfiedoodle and therapy dog. At our retreats, Theo comforts and loves on those whose hearts are hurting.  Scratch his ears and he will follow you anywhere.

She loves time with friends, adventures, brainstorming and passionate debating (in a world where it was once safe to do so), Fridays at Findlay Market, road trips, plane trips, ship trips and pouring all she is into those God's given her to care for.


Sprinkle was born to help bring understanding to those who long to be seen - the wounded and broken - and has spent her life learning tools to best equip her to bring them hope and self awareness. Her generosity of spirit is a wonder and her heart for people is a force of love that helps fuel Walking Stick Retreats.

Steve Brummer

In 2015, one of the first “wonderings” about a retreat ministry was, “Who do we know whose first language is worship?” One name... Steve Brummer. David, Sprinkle and Sam all knew him from their time in Wichita, and exuberantly shared of their experiences of his leading, authenticity, listening for God, childlike spirit of joy and endless love of community. Amazingly, he was willing to come along side this group of crazies in this thing called Walking Stick Retreats. (There might have been a bribe of Skyline Chili in there somewhere.)


Steve served as a worship and creative arts pastor at Central Christian Church in Wichita for 25 years. He is now flipping houses for a living and coaching high school volleyball.


Twenty three years ago, he had the good sense to marry the effervescent Lisa.  With their two daughters in college, they share their home with the requisite dog and cat.


This is a man who loves to laugh, listen and welcome into his being those whom God places in his path. He loves telling a great story, watching transformations of houses and people, music, all things Kansas - the Chiefs and the Royals - spending time with family and friends and eating Skyline Chili.


Steve's joy of life, love of finding new perspectives, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading all come together to create both a collective and individual time of praise and worship.

Elizabeth Lutz

Elizabeth, (known to most as Beth) spent her college and Zion Ministry years with Rich (as in Mullins) Sprinkle and Sam.  As many a weekend found her hanging at the Mullins' family home, a very young David (and Lloyd) - who had no say in who their big brother dragged home with him to inhale their mom's amazing vegetable soup and milk cake - became as kin.  Sharing Quaker roots, God had placed Damon in Richard's life and ended up gathered into our fold as well.  40+ years, and a couple of substantial "family" losses later, caught some of us missing the insanity of traveling and doing retreats together.  As David and Damon put wonder and order to the vision, Walking Stick Retreats came to be in 2015.

As the language of musical harmony is her joy, she most often will help with worship throughout the retreats.  She is captivated by the wonder of hearing folks laugh and listening to their stories.  She prefers mountains to beaches, cocoa to coffee, her husband to any other man, vulnerably honest conversation to banter and a single vocal with an acoustic guitar to nearly anything.

In October, she will celebrate 38 years of being married to an introverted, bearded pastor.  They live on a 150 year old farm in Indiana where they and their 3 cats hide from humanity.  Elizabeth spent most of the last 42 years working as a flight attendant and has only recently retired and kissed the less- than- friendly skies goodbye.

With a sometimes "much too" childlike heart, Elizabeth longs for wonder, recognizes joy always travels with sorrow, and lives in awe at God's glory, favor and mercy as it saturates her being in an unending melody.

Damon Seacott

Damon helped to organize and get the idea of Walking Stick Retreats from a concept to reality.  He is a minister to everyone at the retreats, making sure they have everything they need and that things run smoothly.

For 35 years Damon has served in Christian higher education and for twelve years as a Friends (Quaker) pastor.  He is back home again in Indiana helping out at Indiana Wesleyan University and Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Damon has lived most of his life in community, and keeps his own life as simple as possible. Walkin’ along with folks through all aspects of life brings joy to his heart.

A few of his favorite things are:  Cannon Beach, Oregon, thin crust pizza, Peanuts cartoons, & studying history.

Damon's deep abiding faith, paired with his steady, quiet ways of simplicity, ingenuity, and his generous heart are a few of the beautiful gifts God has given him to share.  Each individual who crosses his path is encouraged in truth and loved well.