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Living a Life with Impact--By David Mullins

I am amazed. Yes, there was planning, and work involved but I am amazed at the results. Yes, it took some time and was inconvenient at times to get it done. But, compared to how far it went, it was not that much.

You may be asking yourself, “What is he talking about?”. (You have likely thought that before). I am talking about the 21 days of prayer videos on Facebook. We had a few of those short videos get more than 1,000 views. Almost all of them had around 700 views. We are averaging less than 400 for Sunday mornings. How in the world did 1,000 or more see these videos?

We had a number of people that forwarded them to others to see. Some of those people forwarded them to more people. I am sure some of them were viewed by the same people more than once. I cannot imagine people watching them more than once or twice. It is hard to me to comprehend the reach that these simple videos have had.

As I was thinking about that today, my mind turned to the gospel. I am talking about living a life that has an epic impact. I think it might be easy to think, “I can’t do anything that would have that kind of impact. I’m just me.” These videos can teach us some important lessons. It was not the great depth, the amazing editing (there wasn’t any), that caused these to go as far as they have gone. It was praying, thinking, planning and acting that got it started. It was then people joining in and then sharing them with others. It was the ripple effect of people who have little or no connection yet picked it up and shared it.

Having an impact that is Epic is not the size of the action that we do. It is being faithful for our part and allowing God to use His people and Spirit to cause it to go where He chooses. Who knows how far He might take what, to you, feels like a small act of faith and obedience.

Go, be faithful today and who knows how far God will take that act in impacting our world!

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