Our Staff

Kathy Sprinkle

Kathy Sprinkle brings a lifetime of coming alongside folks to help them live life more abundantly.  Trauma, addiction, heartbreak, depression, anger, fear, confusion, loneliness, hopelessness, crisis -- these are the demons Kathy takes on as she serves folks.

She loves her Steelers, and Theo, and a great book, and Skyline Chili dip!

David Mullins

David has found a way to keep the child-like spark alive.  As he pastors, leads and listens, he offers hope and the invitation to return to the powerful & authentic faith of a child.


David loves Harper, Grippos chips, and conquering at Up-&-Down-the-River.

Sam Howard

Sam leads big and loves big and finds a way to blend all the various endeavors (work, family, faith community, friendships), he undertakes into
one gigantic "call"


He loves Finn, exceptional coffee, and an invigorating intellectual debate.

Beth Lutz

Beth lives to inhale the seasons and to discover their melodies.  She is captivated by the wonder of hearing folks laugh and listening to their stories.  Music is her language. She prefers the mountains to any beach, hot cocoa to coffee, her husband to any other man, vulnerably honest conversation to banter and a single vocal with an acoustic guitar.  


She loves the sunshine and tries to enfold it in her arms with gratefulness and mercy.

Damon Seacott

Damon loves to figure out how to care for folks and help them thrive as they go through their days.  Simplicity, ingenuity, good food, and a generous heart are the gifts God has given him to share.

The silly Quaker loves Cannon Beach, Oregon, Charlie Brown, and Pizza King pizza.

Steve Brummer

Steve takes on each day with a vivacious spirit.  He works hard, coaches wisely, plays & sings with simple joy, adoration and humility.

He loves the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, volleyball, telling a great story, and chicken parmesan.

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